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Your Attention is precious...

RE Your Attention

Real estate industry has to adapt to 2.0 web as tourism did. Once we will see the best practices for tourism we can simply evaluate the goods and bads (if any).

In Attention economy, once the attention is tracked, the core is how to provide the expected value to this time and effor.

Well, the most common sense tells that, value of an information can vary for different factors.

Your perception for this "home" can depend on billions of images you generated in life. An investment, as a return of years of work must give the best value in return.Some travel agency links above can be a start to have a look in Kas. You may find blogs, review links on the right boxes...

Kas Art Camp

Xantos used to be one of the most civilized city of ancient Lycian history.At Cukurbag village, just 4 km from Kas center, you can follow the footsteps of ancient lycians. Aydin Cukurova, an ex coworker and General Secretary of Agenda 21 council but more a great painter, will be more than happy to welcome you through the history.
Reiki, chrystal therapy, ebru and oil painting, yoga, meditation and much more is to discover with the intense guide of Marlis Dimont, Valantine Van Herpen, Dean Livesley and visiting expatriate artists...

Lycian Road

Peter Sommer Travel , a UK based specialized travel operator, founded by Peter Sommer who started his walking journey in Turkey by 1994 to follow the foodsteps of Alexandre the Great, holds a master in Archelogy of Central Asia.

His team, spectecular profiles are one of a kind that you may need to walk the Lycian route through their deep knowledge and passion.

A great initiative for cruise and land travel in the geography. You may contact them through;

Ever Lasting Summers...

March, while you can see the summer colours all around the village, it feels like Kas is preparing itself for a warm, entertaining and magical summer nights. In May, sailing is best if you enjoy the kind wind at nights and the clear sky with billions of stars.
May is the time to chat with locals and see the "celebration" in their eyes, locals: national and internationals...

Kas as housing one of the most "hostile" community and they will guide you through your journey in time back and forward.
Once Heredot passed by its amphitheather, should have looked from the same spot to sea where you can stand and feel the same rich of the air.
Sultan Sofrasi is one of the restaurants where you can have Turkish cousine with golden candle lights and purple skys' harmony...

Thrice blessed, myrrh-breathing city of the Lycians...

Emperor Constantine Porphrogenitus describled the city as

"Thrice blessed, myrrh-breathing city of the Lycians, where the mighty Nicolaus, servant of God, spouts forth myrrh in accordance with the city's name."

Kas is a small historical town on the south coast of Turkey. It was one of the most important marine cities and wine production sites of the Lycian civilization and is now surrounded by rock tombs and ruins of the ancient city Antiphellos.

Right across from Kas, there is the Greek island Kastelorizo . It is only 3 miles (5 km) away from Kas. There are daily excursions by boats to Kastelorizo and also to another antique city of Lycian Civilization, the Kekova Island.
Kas is the marriage of beauty and the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. In Kas, the center of the historic Lycian Region, the Taurus Mountains embrace the sea as they continue to the great depths of the Mediterranean. The area is rocky all around, which helps to keep the bay crystal clear.

Kas was once the site of an ancient city Antiphellos. Today the only remains of this Lycian city are the rock-cut tombs and sarcophagi. You can wander through the streets stopping to examine the souvenir shops that offer Turkish handicrafts, leather goods, silver items, cotton clothing, and handmade carpets. After shopping, stroll along the flower-lined Akdeniz Promenade or relax under the shade of a palm tree. There are many bars and restaurants in Kas that offer plenty of night life.
Some says Kaş is beautifully situated in a curving bay underneath the 500 meters high cliffs of the Yatan Adam (Sleeping Man) mountain from which there is a startling view on the bay and the oGreek island of Kastellorizo (Meis in Turkish) opposite. Until 1923 Kaş was also populated by Greek fishermen and was known as Andifli. It was a sleepy fishing village until the early 1980.
Present-day Kaş is one of the fastest expanding towns in the field of tourism on the Turquoise Coast and has become a stylish holiday resort with some of the best shops and restaurants on the Mediterranean. The small town is a center for arts and crafts, jewellery and textiles. There are plenty of excellent restaurants, bars and cafes.

On the site of present-day Kaş there was the town of Antiphellos, the harbor of ancient Phellos. The original name of the town was Habesos or Habesa in the ancient Lycian tongue. Antiphellos grew in size and became important in Hellenistic times and by the Roman era, it was the most important city in the region. The most interesting is definitely the Lion Tomb amidst the carpet shops on Uzun Çarşı Caddesi. It is a Lycian sarcophagus with two burial chambers. Another important remain, just outside of town, is the almost intact Hellenistic theatre with 26 rows of seats that could hold up to 4,000 people. The tribunes and outer walls are still visible today, (Luc Wouters,2006)

In the early 1980s has become a holiday metropolis, whose permanent population of 8000 is vastly outnumbered in summer by the vacationers on whom locals depend for a living.

Saint Nicola lived 20 km from Kas...

Celebrating Christmas where Saint Nicolas used to live is just not an ordinary way to welcome the new year but also fantastic for children especially...

Dating back BC 4th century, this little village says it all...A very special population who did not agreed to be ruled over centuries and known by their humaniterian ethics and legends...A village hosted bishops for centuries a village where Saint Nicolas maybe dropped a piece of bread for the elderly...

Today, keeping the heritaged culture, Kas is still welcoming people all around the world for a piece of peace...


Kaş has also long been a major halting point on "Blue Cruise" itineraries, and yacht and gület culture is as important here as at Kalkan – with day-trips available for the less well-heeled. For private yachts, a new marina is being built at Bucak Limanı (formerly Vathy), the long fjord west of town, wedged between Highway 400 and the Çukurbağ peninsula, which extends 5km southwest of Kaş.

The modern town is built atop the site of ancient Antiphellos, whose remaining ruins still speckle the streets, as well as covering the base of the peninsula to the west.

The Town

Ancient Antiphellos was the harbour of ancient Phellos, way inland near the modern village of Çukurbağ and one of the few Lycian cities to bear a Greek name (phellos means "cork oak"). Excavations at Kaş have unearthed a settlement dating back to at least the fourth century BC, although Antiphellos only gained importance in Hellenistic times, when an increase in seagoing commerce meant it thrived while Phellos withered. By the Roman era, it was the most important city in the region, famed particularly for its sponges, which Pliny mentioned as being exceptionally soft.

The remains of the ancient city are few and scattered, but what's on show is quite impressive. Out of town, 500m along Necip Bey Caddesi from the harbour mosque, sits a small, almost complete Hellenistic theatre with 26 rows of seats, well used by those watching the sunset.


A varied, crowded, sometimes high-decibel nightlife – easily the best on the Turquoise Coast – is what makes Kaş for many visitors.
Harry's Bar Çukurbağlı Cad 13. Gets going early in the evening, offering an Edward-Hopperish view from outside into the minimalist bar, with ceiling fans and neon logo, as well as free wi-fi access for the price of drink or two.

Hideway Cumhuriyet Cad 16/A officially, actually in a lane off the old market square. Easily the coolest garden bar/café in town (open only May– Nov); vintage rock and blues soundtrack, divan and table seating, romantic lighting and ever-popular (if somewhat pricey) Sunday breakfast.

Hi-Jazz Zümrüt Sok 3. The designated local jazz venue, though the playlist gets less vintage and more daring towards the small hours.

Mavi/Blue Cumhuriyet Medanı. The oldest bar-café in town: 25 years ago it was a coffeehouse where retired fishermen played backgammon, now it's musical, young and trendy from mid-afternoon until morning.

Red Point Club Süleyman Topçu Sokağı. Kaş's premier after-hours dance club in an old barn, packed solid after midnight despite a fairly spacious dance-floor for the sake of DJ-spun rock and soul. Tables out in the lane during summer.
Sun Café Hükumet Caddesi. Musical meyhane, where the emphasis on food has been eclipsed by live music gigs, which dominate proceedings after 11pm.